Photos from some places round the world in 2006

Hi, I'm John Hunt and I have recently been on a holiday which has taken me to Los Angeles, New Zealand (North and South Island), Hong Kong and then back home.

Here are some of my thoughts and some of the photos I took while I was travelling - and even some of the video I took with the still camera and, later, some of the video I shot there as well.

It's still possible to get to the pages I created last year (when I toured some parts of the Southern American states of the USA) by using this link.

I use Macintosh computers and, for any video on these pages, I would recommend the current Quicktime player, available from Apple Computer to play the video - you can get this from my links page:

Here's the first, short, camera video (900K in size) which was taken from my hotel room in Queenstown - it's an mp4 file - download here

A large number of the photos I took are on this web site. There are two sets of photos, one set taken using my still camera (here) and one set taken using the still facility on my video camera (here). And just a word of warning - the two links take you to single index page for each method of taking the pictures which contain about 300 thumbnails each - they will take a while to download, and a lot of the links within the next few paragraphs will take you to refrences within the same document. I'm afraid that if you have a slow connection you may have to wait a while.

Here's the story in brief: I enjoyed a package tour visiting Los Angeles (where we stayed for three nights), flying on to Christchurch in New Zealand where we started to drive to Auckland. We arrived in Auckland 10 days and 1800 miles later. From Auckland we flew on to Hong Kong where we stayed another three nights before flying on to heathrow and back home. And a link to the page whee I'm telling the story (by the way I'm playing with the setups, so there is no real consistency between the pages).

The photo in the background is of Thunder Creek Falls on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand. There's a better image here

You can email me here - but watch the anti spam in the address

I've now finished labelling all of the images from the both cameras, and am working on the text description of the tour. I should have all of this finished by the time I go on holiday again.

And now I have been on holiday again - to Cuba, when Ike was there. I'm working on part of this at the moment, and some of the first images are here

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